Monday, August 24, 2020

IPv4 vs IPv6 loopback address

In this post, we shall see how to connect to Tally ERP.

Connect to Tally using a Browser
You can connect to Tally ERP 9 using any browser [Chrome, Firefox etc]

In the browser Address-bar, type the following :           [for IPv4 connectivity]
http://[::1]:9000               [for IPv6 connectivity]
http://localhost:9000           [Resolves to IPv4 or IPv6]

On Success, you will be able to see this message in the browser :
<RESPONSE>Tally.ERP 9 Server is Running</RESPONSE>

Connect to Tally using udiMagic

In the udiMagic Settings screen, specify the Tally IPAddress and Port Number.

Case 1 (IPv4 Address)
Tally IP Address :
Tally Port : 9000


Case 2 (IPv6 Address)
Tally IP Address : [::1}
Tally Port : 9000


Case 3 (Localhost name)
Tally IP Address : localhost
Tally Port : 9000

After savings the udiMagic Settings, click the "Test Tally Connection" icon or restart udiMagic Software to automatically connect to Tally ERP 9.

If you are using IPv6 loopback address, then you must use square brackets as shown above.

For Advanced Users
You can use netstat to check the Tally Port Number.

a. Start Windows PowerShell in admin mode
b. Type the following:
netstat -aon | Select-String -pattern ":9000"

Add the required Address (if missing)
netsh http add iplisten

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