Thursday, May 16, 2019

udiMagic v10 Release 1.9

Excel Template Modifications

Compound Unit in StockItem Master

Template : Master-StockitemMaster.xls
Description : This template now includes new fields/columns for specifying "Compound Unit" details viz "First Unit, Conversion Factor, Second Unit"

Multi-line Address in Employee Master

Template : Master-Employee.xls
Description : This template now includes additional columns to specify the Employee Address.

Template fixes

Template : Vouchers-V10-Journal-with-multiple-references.xls
Description : The "IsCostCentreOn" feature is NOT enabled automatically for the newly created ledgers. This bug has been now rectified.

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Customer dashboard

The Customer dashboard now includes a new option :

udiMagic users can now Renew their Subscription based licenses using this option and avail additional benefits.

Renewal of subscription has to be done on or before the expiry of the existing subscription period.

Users can login into the Customer dashboard using the underneath link :

Friday, April 26, 2019

3 ways to Import data in Tally

Different methods to import Excel data in Tally

There are several ways to import excel data in Tally using udiMagic software. Watch the videos (links given at bottom) to know more.

1. Copy/paste data in Standard template

You can put your data in the Standard templates using copy/paste or can manually enter it. However, this may be tedious if the data is voluminous.


  • Copy/paste from your Excel file into the Standard template
  • Import data from Standard template into Tally ERP

2. Mapping (in Standard Excel template)

In this case, you once map the columns in the Standard EXCEL template. Next, the data is copied from your Excel sheet to the Standard template with a single click. You can then import data from the Standard template into Tally using udiMagic. 


  • Map the columns in Standard template
  • Transfer data from your Excel file into Standard template with a single click
  • Import data from Standard Excel template into Tally ERP

3. Mapping (in udiMagic Software)

In this case, you once map the columns in the udiMagic Sofware itself. You can then import data directly from your Excel sheet into Tally using udiMagic.


  • Map columns in udiMagic software
  • Import data directly from your Excel file into Tally ERP

Friday, April 12, 2019

Excel opening blank when you double-click a file icon or file name


When you double-click an icon or file name for a Microsoft Excel workbook, Excel starts but displays a blank screen where you expect the file to appear.


Please refer this link to resolve the issue:

Alternatively,  restart your system and then try opening the Excel file.

The above occasionally happens when you import data from Excel to Tally ERP.

Saturday, April 6, 2019

udiMagic v10 Release 1.8

Excel Template Modifications

1. Mapping feature

The following templates support the NEW MAPPING feature:


See Video in English :
See Video in Hindi :

Thursday, April 4, 2019

ST Category does not exist

Fix : How to fix the error ST Category 'Not applicable' does not exists in Tally ERP 9

Applicable to :  Branch to HO utility (Old users only)

Steps to resolve the issue
  1. In Gateway of Tally, press F11 and select the option "Statutory & Taxation".
  2. Enable the option "Enable Service Tax" and set the option "Define service category and tax details as masters" to Yes.
  3. Press Ctrl+A to save the configuration.
  4. Next, from Gateway of Tally, select option "Accounts Info >> Statutory Info >> Service Categories".
  5. Next, select the option "Create" and specify the Name as "Not applicable" and press Ctrl+A to save the Service Tax Category.
  6. Next, disable the "Enable Service Tax" option in "Gateway of  Tally >> F11 >> Statutory & Taxation".

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

udiMagic v10 Release 1.7

Excel Template Modifications

1. Mapping feature

The following templates support the NEW MAPPING feature:


See Video in English :
See Video in Hindi :


The following templates now include new fields / columns for specifying "Bank details"  viz Bank Name, Branch Name, IFSC Code :


Monday, March 18, 2019

udiMagic v10 Release 1.6

Excel Template Modifications

1. Mapping feature

The following templates support the NEW MAPPING feature:


See Video in English :
See Video in Hindi :

2. Vouchers-V10-Financial-Transactions-Single-line-entry-Advanced.xls

The following new fields / columns have been added:
a. PARENT DR LEDGER  (Specify the Parent Group Name for Debit Ledger)
b. PARENT CR LEDGER  (Specify the Parent Group Name for Credit Ledger)

Friday, March 8, 2019

New Mapping Feature - udiMagic v10 Release 1.5

Map Your Excel data and Import in Tally ERP

The following templates support the NEW MAPPING feature:
  1. Vouchers-V10-Bank-statement.xls
  2. Vouchers-V10-Bank-statement-Single-Column-Dr-Cr.xls
  3. Vouchers-V10-Sales-Purchase-With-Stockitems-Basic.xls
  4. Vouchers-V10-Sales-Purchase-With-Stockitems-Advanced.xls

Mapping Feature - How it works?

Learn how to use the mapping feature to import your excel data into Tally ERP 9. Here, mapping refers to a process wherein you have to associate each column in the Standard Excel file with the relevant column in your Excel file.

See Video in English :
See Video in Hindi :

Thursday, February 21, 2019

udiMagic v10 Release 1.4

Excel Template Modifications

1. Vouchers-V10-Bank-statement.xls
A NEW column for "VoucherNumber" has been included.

2. Vouchers-V10-Bank-statement-Single-Column-Dr-Cr.xls
A NEW column for "VoucherNumber" has been included.

3. Vouchers-V10-Sales-Purchase-With-Stockitems-Advanced.xls
A NEW column for "SKIPVoucher" has been included. If this contains "Yes", then the Voucher is skipped and is NOT imported into Tally ERP. The default value for this column is "No"

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

udiMagic Single Template Edition

Excel to Tally - udiMagic Single Excel Template 

We are pleased to inform you about launch of udiMagic Single Template Edition.

udiMagic Single template Edition

  • You can now BUY a Single template as per your requirement.
  • Available on 1 month and 1 year subscription basis.
  • For price details, please visit

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

udiMagic v10 Release 1.3

Fixes in Release 1.3

Supplier and Consignee Address

While importing the Purchase Vouchers from Excel to Tally ERP 9, the Supplier Name does NOT appear correctly in Tally. This  has now been rectified and the following Excel templates have been updated :


Place of Supply

The StateName appears more than once in GSTR1 B2C report as the data specified contains GUJARAT and Gujarat. This has now been rectified and the Place of Supply is now converted to Proper case before importing it in Tally.

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Fix: Excel Fill Handle is missing

How to enable Fill handle in Excel?

The Fill Handle feature in Excel allows you to select a series of cells with incremental values and drag the cell corner to complete the series. However, if this does not work then check out the following :
  1. Click "File"
  2. Click "Options"
  3. Click "Advanced"
  4. Next, tick the option "Enable fill handle and cell drag-and-drop"
  5. Next, save the settings and then retry to fill the series by dragging the cell corner.

Friday, January 11, 2019

Multi-Currency Excel templates

Import FOREX entries in Tally

Using the Excel templates provided with udiMagic v10 Release 1.2, you can now upload Sales and  Purchase entries with Inventory and Multi-Currency into Tally ERP 9.

In these latest Excel templates, two additional columns have been provided for CURRENCY and ROE (Rate of Exchange). If you specify the Currency and ROE, the entries are automatically reflected in FOREX currency in Tally ERP 9. If you keep these columns blank, then the entries are uploaded in Tally in base currency.

The multi-currency feature is now supported in the following Excel templates :

Sales, Purchase, Debit Note, Credit Note entries with Multi-currency


For Receipt, Payment, Journal, Contra entries with Multi-currency